Learn About Solar Panels and Solar Energy

Solar power can be intimidating for newcomers. In the interest of helping our customers make informed, intelligent decisions, we’ve provided some links below. The information available ranges from basic Solar Power FAQs to advanced calculations and tax credits.

  • Solar Power Authority – aims to educate and inform consumers about the excitingly dynamic nature of clean energy and alternative fuel systems.
  • Solar Power Rocks – a site dedicated to informing people about current and future solar power technologies, the realities of solar power in your state, and more.
  • SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association) – one of the leading authorities on all-things-solar. The PA page of their site has many useful links to relevant government sites.
  • Wikipedia – a lot of cool facts about the beginnings of solar power, the advancement of solar technology, and even some of the high-tech solar systems that exist today!
  • NREL.gov (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) – tracking advancements in solar power and renewable resources in general.
  • Energy.gov – a thorough breakdown of the federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit for 2016.

…But the Best Way to Learn is from Experts

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