Benefits of Solar

The future of solar energy is (no pun intended) a bright one! As fossil fuel prices continue to skyrocket, both individuals and businesses are looking to break their dependence, turning instead to renewable energy sources like solar power every day.

Many people fail to see the full potential of a partial solar conversion, but this is due to preconceived notions, lack of research, and general misinformation. At Green Solar Systems, we witness the benefits of the commercial and residential solar panel systems we install every day.

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Monitoring Your System

With the latest module-level, performance enhancing inverters, such as Enphase and Solar Edge, it is possible to monitor the performance of your system module by module. This means we can monitor the health of your system very closely, pinpointing even the smallest problem quickly, keeping your maintenance costs low and your system performing at peak efficiency.

For example, a customer’s Enphase inverters were tripping off-line because the AC voltage from the grid was fluctuating outside the factory-set, allowable voltage. Enphase’s system alerted both the customer and the installer of the issue within 24 hours, enabling us to almost immediately contact Enphase. From there, adjustments were made remotely, resolving the problem quickly.



Residential Solar Power

Residential solar panels are a great long-term investment – don’t let the install price deter you! Properly installed, the average solar panel system can reduce energy costs as much as 50% per month. A well-built solar system typically pays for itself in less than half of its estimated 30-year lifespan.

We also help our clients curb install prices through our vast knowledge in solar energy initiatives and tax incentives, something not all solar installers can boast! In ideal situations, an installation can pay for itself in 4 to 7 years!

The long-lasting, low maintenance nature of solar panels makes them ideal for anyone – whether you’re looking to move wholly off-grid or just want to save a couple of bucks on your monthly obligations

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Commercial Solar Power

Production, retail, service – it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – they all require a vast amount of raw energy. Business owners know more than anyone that rising power bills are a menace to the American wallet. As a result, more and more savvy business-people are transitioning to solar power.

Even more so than consumers, businesses are eligible for tax breaks and incentives when installing renewable energy sources. Green Solar Systems has years of experience with the paperwork required to maximize your savings.  Requiring only occasional cleaning and attention, solar panels are a maintenance crew’s dream! Make sure to take a look at our Case Studies page to see what we’ve done for our commercial clientele!

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